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Industrial manufacturing and technology is one of three key pilars in the Phenkaa Ecosystem.

Phenikaa Group owns VICOSTONE® - the world’s leading brand name for high-quality quartz-based engineered stones. Vicostone products are present in more than 40 countries and territories. As of early 2019, Phenikaa Group has 05 quartz production lines using proprietary technology, originally developed and improved from Breton’s technology transfer (from Italy). Annual capacity is 2.5 million m² finished stone products.


Group operates an almost closed production cycle: For VICOSTONE®, we produce 90% of our inputs, and manufacturing, craftsmanship, installation of quartz-based engineered stones are done in-house. Aside from provision of slab surfaces, the Group also has subsidiaries manufacturing and crafting VICOSTONE® quartz products for use in homes, restaurants, hotels, offices and high-end projects. Since the beginning of 2019, the Phenikaa Hue Factory producing Cristobalite has officially gone into operation, providing raw materials for the Group’s subsidiaries, and in the future, for the domestic and international markets.

Since 2019, Phenikaa Group has invested heavily in hi-tech, intelligent products, and automation in order to diversify products, areas of operation, and revenue sources for the Group. Hi-tech products will be given priority to be developed into the Group’s cutting-edge products and account for a dominant share of revenue in accordance with the set vision and strategic orientation. This will be the solid foundation upon which the Group can exercise ownership of expertise, closely-linked key pillars and promote mutual complementarity among them with the goals of sustainable development and improvement of the Group’s current pioneering position in the manufacturing industry and other industries as part of inevitable social trends.


  • Vicostone JSC
  • Style Stone JSC
  • Phenikaa factory
  • Viet Nam Stone Work - Top Fabrication Joint Stock Company
  • Tran Long Industrial JSC
  • Phenikaa Hue Mineral Processing and Investment Single-member Limited Company
  • Phenikaa Chemicals JSC
  • Phenikaa Lighting
  • Phenikaa Electronics
  • Phenikaa Intelligent Solutions


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