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As one of the three key pillars of the Phenikaa Group’s sustainable development ecosystem, the education and training component helps Phenikaa realize the goals of training high quality human resource for the Group and society, and improving the effectiveness of scientific research and technology transfer applications into manufacturing and business operations. 

Thanks to investment from Phenikaa Group, Phenikaa University is step-by-step realizing its aim to become a multidisciplinary university that excels in training, research, innovation, entrepreneurship, a University that is career-oriented, where dormant potentials are awakened and realized, while maintaining close relevance to social development needs and creating new values for the community. Phenikaa University’s vision is to be among the Top 100 Universities in Asia in 20 years. Phenikaa University aims to develop the younger generations holistically in cognitive capacities, expert knowledge, professional and life skills, confidence, proactiveness, and continuous creativity in order to create new values for the community and become high-quality human resource for society.

In the current phase, the University prioritizes the recruitment of Vietnamese and international lecturers, scientists, researchers. It is prioritizing the development of high-quality training programs,international training programs, construction of labs, key research institutes and centers, and to form strong research teams.

The Group is currently completing Phase 1 of the Phenikaa Inter-level K12 School project, with fully-linked elementary, secondary, and high schools levels. This will be an international-standard school in Vietnam, equipped with a holistic and progressive curriculum, a learning environment encouraging humanism, creativity, and cooperation; where the Vietnamese younger generations will be educated holistically to become confident global citizens, who will never cease to self-improve in order to realize their dreams and achieve success in the future. The School is expected to begin admission process from the 2020-2021 academic year. The Phenikaa International School project is also currently under construction and is expected to begin admission from the 2021 - 2022 academic year.


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